Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winter Fun

I went back to work right before Christmas, so I never have the time to post like I want to with a full-time job and 2 kids and trying to keep the house liveable, its just nuts. So here are some cute pictures of my awesome kids and some stuff we've been up to. Avery is already 5 1/2 months, which just blows my mind, and she is screeching and laughing and rolling over. She is such a happy baby, just like Jonah was. Jonah is talking up a storm and Jon and I are constantly amazed at what he says and all that he notices. He is still so good, even with his toddler-isms.

Tummy time is fun. Avery started rolling front to back on Christmas day. 

I was getting Avery ready to go out in the snow and I had to put her down to put my jacket on. Jonah decided he didn't want her to be lonely, so he laid down next to cute.
Avery's 1st snow!

My sweet baby girl.

Daddy with Jonah and Avery in music class.

Avery and Jonah's 1st bath together.
 Jonah's new favorite towel.

 Jonah's 'nest' aka the newspaper basket.

 My happy babies.

 Jonah trying out Avery's high chair. We just started her on solids.

Jonah collecting pine cones. He loves being outside!

Holidays 2011

We all decided to stay home this year for Christmas and Hanukkah, so my parents came up to visit. We missed seeing the cousins in Texas, but we had a great time with them for Thanksgiving, so we were glad to enjoy Christmas at our house this year. It was Avery's first Christmas and we had a great time. Below are some photos of our holidays together.

Picking the tree

Decorating the tree

All done! Good work Jonah!

Jonah's favorite gift

Avery's 1st Christmas! So cute.

Big ol' pile of gifts from Santa

 Avery's first babydoll from GiGi.

 Jonah's 'big' gift from Santa.

 Grandada made out this Christmas!

GiGi and Jonah
Tuckered out after a long morning.

 Our annual Christmas party at the Nystroms, Santa makes it every year!

 Family photo!

Making cookies for Jonah's teachers as part of their Christmas gifts.

Lighting the Hanukkah candles with dad.

Avery's first Hanukkah.