Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Over due!

I had titled this blogpost overdue and that was back in 2013, so I guess it really is! Im going to post it now anyway and start on a true up to date one, which you will hopefully see sooner 1.5yrs late and have a lot more to it then some photos!

This is how Jon likes to train. Nothing like an extra 30-40lbs to get you in shape!

My crazy Avery

Nystrom Christmas party we never miss 2012! Obligatory picture with Santa :) 

Field trip with Jonah and the Turtles to the Baltimore Zoo!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Avery is 1 yr old!

I knew it would go fast and it did, but it was practically a blur and I just can't believe my sweet baby girl is already a year old. She has grown so fast and changed so much! 
We decided to have her first birthday party at the house and had a blast! So many great friends and family were able to make it and the weather was perfect!

1 day old!

 1 year old!

1st cupcake, YUM!!


Thanks Aunt Tara for my super cute birthday outfit!

Summer trips 2012

This summer was very busy with lots of family trips and fun. We took a trip up to Lake George, NY for a week where Jonah and Avery got to spend all week with their cousins, Lily and Eli. We had a great time! It was over the July 4th holiday, so we got to enjoy some sparklers and smores. We also went down to North Carolina to visit GiGi and Grandada and see Aunt Tara, Uncle Eric and our cousins, Weston and Jackson, along with a big family reunion. We had a bunch of small trips too, to Ocean City, the state fair and the Maryland Science Center. It was a very busy summer and we had a blast!

Cottage house in Lake George, NY
Eli, Avery & Jonah

Enjoying dinner outside with the Posners and Stills

Sparklers! July 4th fun.

Nothing like smores for dessert!
Fun riding bikes in the park.

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.

Best biking buds!
Canoeing with Uncle Stephen and cousin Eli.

Our next big trip was to North Carolina for a family reunion and time with our other cousins, Jackson and Weston. We had a great time including paddle boating, swimming and going to the Science Center. We were so busy, we barely took any photos!
Who's going to win? Uncle Jackson or Jonah?
Aunt Tara and Weston watching the race.

Two cutest guys out there!

                       We went to the Science Center in Raleigh and had a great time running around!
Who wants to adopt one of those cute doggies?

Avery working on her climbing skills
Sweetest fish!

Maryland Science Center
Picking peaches on the way home from Ocean City.
Fun at the State Fair with Pierce and Emerson
Learning how to milk a cow!
So serious, but lots of smiles after the rides!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


 Happy Birthday Jonah!! 
My beautiful baby boy turned 3 today. I just can't believe it. We love you Jonah, you will never understand just how much you are loved and how excited we were when you came into our lives. You make every day so much better just by being a part of it.
June 19, 2009

June 19, 2012

Friday, April 27, 2012

Time flies....

Its been a few months and we've been up to a lot! Avery just turned 8mos old and already has 6 teeth! She is popping them out 2 at a time! We think she has another one coming based on the amount of drool lately. She is a SUPER happy baby and is so good! Lots of smiles and laughs and she is totally in love with Jonah, even when he's not the most gentle with her at times. One day she'll give it back, I'm sure. She has no interest in crawling yet and if she's anything like Jonah, we probably have another month before she does, which is fine by me I already feel like I run in circles.

Jonah is a typical busy little boy, running, yelling, getting dirty and having a good ol' time doing all of it. His big adventure lately is potty training! We went cold turkey and went from diapers to underwear (except at night) and he's doing really well! The trick seemed to be to let him run around with no pants on. He has really caught on now and is starting to tell us when he has to go! Very few accidents and is doing great even at school. Have to admit, I'm not missing the diapers.

Here are some of the latest photos. No particular order, just some cute ones over the last few months.

Easter 2012

Yum! Chocolate bunny!

Passover dinner, my cute boys!

Out biking in the park with dad

Loves playing with water

Fun with baby sister!

Baltimore Science Center!

Cute babies!

Sandbox fun

One of his favorite towels

Already an athlete

LOVES trains

Yeh! sitting on the potty
Hanging out
Sharing his books

Pretty girl.....