Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter + Christmas Time

Life in general just seems busy all the time nowadays :) Jonah is growing up SO incredibly fast and no matter how much I try to take it all in, its just going too fast. We've done a lot since Halloween. Here are a few things and some cute photos we've taken along the way.

We attended our 3rd session of our Kindermusik music class. It is a ton of fun and Jonah loves it! I think he has learned a lot of skills from the playing we do and really enjoys music now because of this class.

I was on the ball this year and got our tree up Thanksgiving day weekend. I hadn't put the tree skirt on, but was trying to get a picture of Jonah in front of it. This was the best one I got, as he ran the other direction. It was so much easier when he wasn't running everywhere!

Jonah and I went to a Festival of Trees. He LOVED the train and all the trees. There were a ton of things to see and the place was packed! We had to stand in line for 20min just to get in.

Jonah and Dad went together to the Baltimore Symphony and Orchestra to see a kids version of the Nutcrackers. Jon said Jonah was totally enthralled and watched the entire production without taking his eyes off of it.

Jonah sees Santa again and was still cool with it. Our friends Chris and Melanie always throw a holiday party and their neighbor is nice enough to dress up as Santa and come over. I think the line at the party was longer than had we gone to the mall ;)

Hiking out to say hi to Dad who was out doing some trail work for MORE.

Answer to 'Whose the cutest baby?' haha

We always find the funniest things in Jonah's crib that he manages to reach in the middle of the night. As you can see on the left, the bear almost made it, but was just a little too fat to fit.

We went to Austin for Christmas and all the boys had a good time together. It was a crazy Christmas with a log of toys. Just one pic out of a ton we took.

While we were in Texas we went to a Children's museum, Jonah had a blast! It was a pretty cool museum, although a bit smaller than the one we've been to in Baltimore. It had some really cool stuff to check out and things to build.