Friday, January 29, 2010

Baby Mohawk...still a ton of hair!

Jonah's still got a TON of hair. The hair he was born with on top never fell out, so its just been growing and growing. It got thin on the back, but never totally fell out. Its getting so long now and hes so 'pretty' that some people mistake him for a girl. But hes just too young for a haircut yet! We might have to go earlier then the traditional 1 year mark for a haircut, but I'm going to try to go as long as I can.

Jon was having fun with his hair during a recent bath time...the baby mohawk is always a classic.

Eat your nose!

Jonah has been doing this for awhile and its the funniest thing..he LOVES to bite noses. I don't know if its his way of giving 'kisses' or if it just feels good on his teeth, but he will grab your face and pull you in for a big bite. Now that he has teeth we've had to extract ourselves from the death grip, because it hurts!! But it so funny. My parents were here a few weeks ago and we got a couple of pics of him doing it to them, they just thought it was the funniest and laughed and laughed. I call it getting slimed, because a lot of slobber is involved.

Favorite outfits

As Jonah grows he gets outfits from GiGi and Aunt Tara and Uncle Stephen etc. Some just become my absolute favorites and I know I'll be sad when he outgrows are a couple.
The first one is a fleece vest. I mean, seriously, who thought that up, he is SO stinkin' cute! This was a Christmas gift from GiGi.

This next outfit was from Aunt Tara for Christmas, I love that the sleeves and socks match. Its just the cutest. I really like the one piece outfits.

I didn't realize until I was posting this that he has a big drool string hanging on his chin..he just got his 4th tooth! Crazy! Hes not even 7mos in these pics yet.

He looks so big in this photo. I was letting him watch a baby einstein movie, which he loves.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Crazy sleeper

Jonah is moving around a lot these days. We've caught him in all kinds of different sleeping positions. The 1st picture is his new favorite, side sleeping. Often he'll go to sleep on his back and at some point, wake up, roll around and over to his side and fall back asleep.

This picture is my favorite, its so funny! During a nap he woke up, started playing with his aquarium and then fell asleep like that. I saw him on the monitor and risked sneaking in just to snap the photo. He slept like that for another 45 minutes! HA!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bananas and The Spoon Cam!

Jonah's lovin' some bananas. You get to see it up close and personal with the SPOON CAM!

Big boy!

Jonah's been sitting up for awhile now, but I just recently tried putting him in a shopping cart like a big boy and his stroller. Usually I just put him in the Ergo carrier and take him in, those of you who know me, know that I'm usually not shopping long enough to really bother with the cart or stroller, but he is getting heavier, so we tested it out. He LOVED it! Got to really look around and check everything fun!

Cute hat from Aunt Aleza!

He was flirting with funny!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

He's a rolling pro!

Jon got video of Jonah rolling onto his tummy, then back, then tummy again! Man, once he gets it, he gets it! He just loves cell phones, what is it about babies and cell phones? Now we're just waiting to find him across the room or stuck under the couch when we're not looking :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jonah's own kitchen cabinet

I finally switched around two of our kitchen cabinets so that Jonah can have a Tupperware cabinet that is all his own. He was helping me switch everything over the other night and was thoroughly enjoying the wood spoon and spatula I gave him.

*notice the' safety boppy', for when he decides to pitch over backwards, which hes still doing, I figured a soft landing would be nicer than those hard cold tiles.


New favorite toy!

We got this Fisher Price house at a garage sale for super cheap. It is the 'old' version ( I think the new one is a kitchen), but this thing is the BEST! He loves it and can open and close the door, push the door bell and eat the shapes! haha. It will be even more fun when he can stand and get to everything and crawl in and out.

Standing on his own! Well..kinda.

Jonah will now put weight on his legs and if you put him up against something that is low enough to put his hands on, he will even stand for about 10-15 seconds. Jon did this with him first and I was just amazed when I tried it and he stood there...he just still seems so little, hes only 6 1/2mo! geez.

Lovin' bathtime!

So once again, here are some bathtime fun!
What you might not notice at first, is that Jonah is now sitting up on his own in his infant tub..we removed the little butt 'bummper' that kept him from sliding when we had to lay him in the tub.

The first picture below is Jonah in the sink after an especially nasty poopy diaper that required a hosing off versus baby wipes. Fun ;) He loves falling water.

YUM, thanks dad, the duck tastes good.

Hey look! I can have a beard like dad too!