Monday, December 5, 2011

Fall good times

We've had a very busy fall, but its been fun! Avery is getting SO big so fast and Jonah is being a good big brother. Its been much busier here, handling two little ones, but they've both been great. Avery is now 15wks old and is all smiles, fun giggles and has been an incredible sleeper! Shes been sleeping about 10-11hrs at night for the last month...just amazing. Jonah will be 2.5yrs old in the middle of Dec. and is talking all the time and in full sentences! Jon and I are constantly amazed at the stuff he says. Hes also getting really imaginative, which is a lot of fun! We seem to have a lot of imaginary 'spiders' and 'trains' in our house.
Here are some photos of my awesome babies and the things we've been up to.
Brothers and Sisters
My Sweet Avery

The bumbo!


Jonah helping dad carve the pumpkin

'Happy Halloween!'


Jonah LOVES trains

We had two Thanksgivings this year. An early 'mini' one at my parents house so we could see my parents, Tara, Eric and the boys. We had a blast! Jon and I got to go on a mountain bike date ride and the boys just had the best time all playing together and we had so much fun just watching them all. Avery is definitely going to have to be one tough girl so she can hold her own with her two older cousins and older brother! The 'official' Thanksgiving was in Maryland with Jon's parents and where I cooked my very 1st turkey ever! It turned out GREAT! It was a smaller than normal Thanksgiving, but just as fun and Nancy made a ton of really good food. Wish I had more good pictures!
GiGi and  Avery

The cousins

Aunt Tara made all the cousins turkey shirts. She also made Avery a tutu for it (seen below)

The traditional turkey hat
My first turkey!