Monday, August 30, 2010

Walking, talking, signing and being sassy

Its been forever since I've updated the blog...Jonah is getting so big so fast! He is already 14 1/2mo and it getting quite the personality. He is walking a little bit, but not totally yet. He will stand up and walk a few steps, but chooses to crawl when he really wants to get somewhere. However, we took his lion 'walker' toy he got for his 1 yr bday from our friends Tony & Betsy and tried it outside. He just took off! It is so cute and he will go a lot longer then I thought. Today we walked all the way down our long driveway and all the way over to the neighbors, he thought it was the best.

We also went his friend Pierce's 1st bday party this past weekend and they had this great 'play area', Jonah is a huge fan of opening and closing doors, probably because we have so many baby gates in the house and he gets to do it all day long ;)

He has become such a sasser too. He will head towards something he knows he not supposed to do and before he gets there or does it, he'll stop, look at me, smile and then shake his head 'no' and then proceed to do it anyway. Hes gonna give it to me, I just know it.

Just a cute picture of our happy little man. He is just something else. He now knows how to sign 'please' and does it all the time for things he wants. He'll point at something he wants and signs 'please'. He also says 'up' all the time..he'll crawl over and stand up, hold his arms up and say 'up'. Its his favorite word and my favorite thing.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jonah's first steps

Jonah's been super close to walking for awhile now. He kind of took a step or two the other day and that suddenly inspired Jon to decide it is time for Jonah to walk. This morning he seemed really close, so Jon decided he would get out the video camera, just in case, and get Jonah walking. Well he did it! These are his actually first official steps, at least, more than just a 1-2 down type of things he did yesterday.

I love how my mother-in-law and Jon are holding out food to get him to do it. We do feed our child normally, he doesn't always have to work for it ;)