Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Baby Signing

We've been doing baby signing with Jonah since he was about 6mos. He started signing back when he was around 9mos, his first sign was 'dog'. I've recently been trying to make small movies of his signs and send them to my sister, who teaches baby signing, so she has some examples for her classes to see.

The last few weeks he has been picking up a new sign almost every day. It is the absolute coolest thing and I'm so glad that we decided to do and have stuck to it. It is SO much fun when he learns a new sign and can tell us what he sees/hears/wants etc. The other day he signed 'fan' when we were out somewhere and I thought he had made a mistake and said 'thats not a fan' and then realized that he was pointing to a fan that was way up in someones balcony that I hadn't even noticed. SO cool.

Below are a few I've been able to get on film. Cheese is one of the newer ones. Some of the signs he does now are: mommy, dog, fan, more, all done, cheese, ball, tree, brush teeth, hat, shoes, and eat.

I just realized the videos don't quite fit..I will try and fix that soon...