Thursday, June 3, 2010


We decided to take a big family vacation to go and visit my best friend Teresa who lives in Anchorage Alaska. We figured we'd go while Jonah flew for free and would still be content to be on our laps for a long time. I was a little worried about the 12hr+ travel day and then what the 4 hour time change would do to Jonah's sleep schedule, but overall he did really well. We did have two awesome episodes of poop blowouts on the flight there and the flight back, but everyone survived.

I haven't seen Teresa since Jon and I got married and she has had two kids since then, so I was excited to see my god daughter Lyla (5) and then the two new babies, Keenan (3) and Cora (1). The kids got along great and we just had a wonderful time hiking and visiting things around Anchorage. Jon, Jonah and I took an overnight trip down to Seward to do a boat tour of the Kenai Fjords and to try and see whales (which we did!!). The landscape and glaciers were just breathtaking and we had the most amazing weather the entire time we were there!

Also, while we were there Jonah started waving, clapping and signing 'more' and 'ball'. Of course, clapping, more and ball all look about the same, but it is still really cool! Here are some photos from the trip.

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