Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Trip to the beach

Jon, Jonah and I finally got down to the beach for an overnight. His parents have a condo in Ocean City and we like to go in the off season so we can take the dogs on the beach (they aren't allowed on the beach during the season.) We had a great time. Jonah had never been to the beach, so the sand and the ocean were new things. It was chilly, but pretty mild for November, so we spent most of our time down on the beach. It was a short trip, but a ton of fun and something we are going to do much more often.

Checking out the sand.

What are those bubbles?

A big one!

Flying kites with dad.

They were doing some construction on the beach, so we spent
a lot of time checking out the BIG trucks. Jonah still loves trucks.

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