Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blizzard(s) 2010

So we got SLAMMED the week of Feb 5-11th with snow. The first storm was Fri-Sat night and we got about 30in. 30 INCHES! We were out of power all day Saturday from 4am-9pm, which made me worry about Jonah being cold, so when it came on at 9pm I was SO relieved, it had started to get really cold in the house throughout the day . It took the plow 3 days, till Tuesday night, to come down our street, by then the fun had warn off and we really wanted to be able to leave our neighborhood. Our neighbors and we got so tired of waiting for the plow, we basically shoveled and snow blowed our way out to the main road, so we could go stock up on some items before the next storm hit.

We got plowed just in time for the 2nd storm to start Wednesday afternoon, which dropped another 18 inches. Being from Florida, its obvious for me to say I've never seen so much snow, but for Jon to say it, living his whole life here and even my neighbors, who have been in their house for 47 years, to say this is the worst they've seen is amazing. We spent a lot of time snow blowing our long driveway and snow blowing for some of our elderly neighbors, because that is really just too much snow to try and shovel when you're in your 70s!

So here are some photos, which, of course, don't do justice for just how much snow it really was and what storms they were! 2 blizzards in 1 week, just craziness. Jonah handled it well and got to see it first hand, although he won't remember it :)

Jon, tackling the first storm, 25in and falling.

Yes, those are our cars.

25 in at 8am in the morning, forecasted to snow till 3pm.

Checking out the damage.

Taller than my 70lb dog.

Almost as tall as my 100 lb dog!

Neighbors house, so much snow of the roof it 'avalanching' off.

Out our back door, Jon shoveled it so the dogs could get out.

Our house from the driveway.

Our the front door, during the 2nd blizzard.

Child abuse ;)

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  1. That sweet boy doesn't look abused by the smile on his face that matches his daddy's! Jonah just keeps getting cuter and cuter! I can't wait for Ruth Ann to meet him one day.