Monday, February 15, 2010

First Haircut

Jonah's hair was so long and in his face more and more that I decided it was time for his first haircut. I really wanted to wait till he was closer to 1 yr old, but with more and more people telling me how 'pretty she is' I thought it might be time to get it cut. So we went on Valentine's Day :)

Two of my friends recommended Cartoon Cuts at the Columbia Mall. They have a 'First haircut' thing, where you get a certificate and a small bag for their hair. Its cute and a nice keepsake. Plus, they are smart and each station has a little TV playing cartoons, so the kids are distracted and more likely to sit still.

He did AMAZING! for being 7mos old. He only fussed when she spritzed his hair with water and then at the end for about 10 seconds. But OMG..I'm so sad, he looks like a little boy and not a baby anymore!!! :( Plus, I knew his hair was getting lighter, but it is SO LIGHT now. All that beautiful dark black hair is gone. I know I needed to get it cut, but I'm still sad. Hes still a cutie though.

Waiting for Jonah's first haircut

Cartoon Cuts, pretty busy

In the chair like a big boy

Look cartoons! Bibi's getting ready to cut that beautiful hair :(

Doing SO great!

"Mom what happened to my hair!!!"

I survived and look like such a little boy!

Before and After.
I think I like it longer.


  1. He is still super cute!! Granted I have a girl, but I have yet to get K's hair cut. I've trimmed her bangs, but that is about it. That looks like a really cool place though. I think we just got something like that here.

  2. I just had Natalie's hair cut for the FIRST time in November. She was almost 2 and a half! We have a place like that called "Snip Its" - totally for kids and Natalie loved it. Grant is totally bald, except for the old man hairline on the back of his head. Wish Jonah could have given him some of his extra hair! I think he looks ADORABLE with his haircut. But you're right... totally more like a little boy. SO CUTE!!!

  3. Ruth Ann's first hair cut was a disaster! The girl who cuts my hair doesn't usually cut kids hair so she ended up just recommending I cut it myself for a while. I think Jonah looks as precious as also...but it is hard being reminded that these cute little babies are growing up.

    PS tell your mom she looks great!