Wednesday, March 10, 2010

First plane ride and visit to Texas!

I had to go to a conference in Texas for work last week and it happened to be in San Antonio, right down the road from Austin where my sister Tara lives. So we decided that I would go down for the conference and then Jon and Jonah would fly down on Wednesday when it ended and we would drive to Austin to spend a few days with my sister's family. We had THE BEST time! The boys were so cute together and Jonah did a ton of new stuff hes never done before.

Jonah at the gate getting ready to board the plane for his very first plane ride!

We took the boys to the park, we parked and then jogged
1.5 miles to get to the fun dinosaur 'sand box' :)

Jonah's first time in a 'sand box'.

Having a good time digging things out of the sand.

Jon showing Jackson how to use the digger.

Jonah's first time in a swing!

Already climbing mountains with dad :)

Tired out from his BIG adventure with the cousins.

The next day we went on a duck tour in Austin. We had a great time!

Tara, Eric, Jackson and Weston.

Later that night all the boys got in the bathtub together.
SO cute! They had a great couple of days being cousins.

On the plane headed home...tuckered out from a great trip!

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