Friday, March 19, 2010


As Jonah grows out of things, we have to pack things away and then get out the new stuff for the next stage of growth. When I go through this process we hang out in his room and have a good ol' time finding fun stuff we didn't know we had! I, of course, make him put it on to see how it looks. He also just discovered he has a basket full of toys in there too!

Look, we got a 3rd dog! Funniest hat.

Oh man! a whole basket of toys!! Which I will proceed to take out one at a time.


  1. question, do you have the crib bumper on the outside of the crib?

  2. Yeh..haha. So they don't recommend to have bumpers in the crib with babies b/c of SIDs, but the bumper was what tied in the entire theme of the room, so I just stuck it on the outside. I do have a breathable bumper inside b/c he kept getting his arms stuck in the rails. I thought it would look dumb, but it actually looked ok. About time for them to go all away soon tho.

  3. I still have Ruth Ann's in her crib because it's the cutest part of the crib bedding. I thought it might be protecting Jonah from bumping into the crib if he's pulling up a lot. I like how you can see what's on bumper, sometimes the design is hidden in the crib...very clever!